Self-Directed Coding
Courses for Kids Ages 10+
All you need to teach coding to kids,
without any experience, in one place.

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Self-Directed Coding Courses
810+ Animated Video Tutorials
Live Academic Support
No Training Required
The Self-Directed Gamified
Coding Platform for Kids
Every lesson starts with fun story-based
animated videos and gamified projects
that not only show students how to code,
but also how it works in the real world.
Key Features
4 point starsSelf-Directed Coding Courses for Kids.Our courses empower kids 10 & above
to learn independently, from coding basics
to university-level computer science.
checkboxImmersive, Microlearning Courses810+ animated videos, real-world projects and
gamified bite-sized lessons bring computer
science to life for students of all learning styles.
comment bubbleLive Computer Science SupportConnect with our highly-trained
computer science teachers for immediate
support for you and your students.
pencilZero Computer Science Training RequiredOur intuitive interface and step-by-step exercises
allow teachers and students to learn computer
science together. No CS experience needed!
How it Works
You choose the course for your students.
Your students choose how they learn.
Students progress independently through
self-directed coding courses in 3 easy steps:
Plug and Play

Step 1: Watch

Learn to code from cinematic,
animated, story-based video tutorials.

Step 2: Code

Write real code to interact with the
story characters and solve problems.
voice bubble

Step 3: Get Feedback

Submit the code and get instant, personalized feedback.

Step 4: Repeat

Keep up the same pattern through each lesson.
You don’t need any training to plan, run or teach
a coding class, club or program. Simply fire
up EduCode™ and let your students dive in!
MethodologyEduCode™’s unique curriculum
combines three 21st century pedagogies
at the forefront of education:
Microlearning:Industry-standard coding languages concepts presented through bite-sized lessons, encouraging student progress with mini-successes throughout the learning process.
Instructions are the core building blocks in coding. This video explains how they work through a bite-sized lesson.
Contextual learning:Animated videos introduce and contextualize concepts, allowing students to see how they work in real-life situations without getting out of the chair.
Variables can be abstract. This video introduces them by providing a context for their application.
Deep learning:Fostering a learning partnership between instructors and students where both can learn coding together, demonstrating the value of life-long learning.1
Testimonials from teachers who have seen EduCode™ in action with students
1 From Deep Learning: Engage the World Change the World
by Joanne McEachen, Joanne Quinn and Michael Fullan
What people are saying
Our campus is 94% Title 1 and as such, the vast majority of my students were scared of coding. They weren’t sure what it was, but it sounded very difficult and out of their reach. EduCode™ made coding come alive. My students enjoyed their experience, found it fairly easy to navigate, and wanted more time to explore and “code.” I would highly recommend EduCode™ for students with no experience. The program makes all successful!Grade 7-8 teacher, Texas
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