Each project of the course contains multiple video tutorials and practical exercises. Sample one video tutorial from each project below.
Play Video Giving a Command

Giving a Command

15 activities

Learn how to use instructions to command your very own robot!

Play Video Building a Better Future

Building a Better Future

11 activities

Help Bit-by-Bit Construction create the plans for a new neighborhood!

Play Video A Box to the Rescue

A Box to the Rescue

14 activities

Computers have memories too! Discover how to make computers remember vital information.

Play Video A Game of Variables

A Game of Variables

11 activities

Design your own physics puzzles! Complete with obstacles and cool modifiers.

Play Video Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

12 activities

Computers can be smart with a little help! Teach one to have a conversation with you.

Play Video A Battle of Inputs

A Battle of Inputs

8 activities

Can you help two dinosaurs settle a disagreement?

Play Video A String and a Number

A String and a Number

9 activities

Help a business better serve their customers by creating a cash register.

Play Video I See Your Future

I See Your Future

9 activities

Build your own fortune teller! What mysterious destiny will you get?

Play Video True or False?

True or False?

7 activities

Create a special 8-ball to get answers to your most burning questions.

Play Video Making a Decision

Making a Decision

15 activities

Byte Mail needs help sorting its thousands of mail packages! Can you automate the process?

Play Video Offering an Alternative

Offering an Alternative

9 activities

Your computer can make decisions. It just needs your help in asking the right questions!

Play Video Adding More Options

Adding More Options

12 activities

Byte Mail is going international and needs your help!

Play Video An If Inside an If

An If Inside an If

9 activities

Discover how your computer can make complex decisions!

Play Video Building a Translator

Building a Translator

10 activities

Start learning a new language by building a translator app.