Each project of the course contains multiple video tutorials and practical exercises. Sample one video tutorial from each project below.
Play Video Building a World

Building a World

10 activities

Create your own adventure game! Design your very own maze, complete with monsters and locked passages.

Play Video Learning to Move

Learning to Move

11 activities

Any good adventure needs a hero! Help yours navigate the maze you've created.

Play Video Creating the Enemies

Creating the Enemies

11 activities

The Kingdom of the Grains is under attack! Plan powerful defenses to help repel the invaders.

Play Video Finding the Perfect Target

Finding the Perfect Target

10 activities

Become a master tactician! Harness the power of your defenses.

Play Video Building the Perfect Deck

Building the Perfect Deck

10 activities

Uncover the secrets of the elements! Craft your very own deck for an ancient card game.

Play Video 3… 2… 1… DRAW!

3… 2… 1… DRAW!

10 activities

Master the elements! Challenge magical foes with your finely crafted deck of cards.

Play Video The Best Vehicle

The Best Vehicle

10 activities

Unleash the mechanic in you! Invent and customize your very own race car.

Play Video Welcome to the Garage

Welcome to the Garage

11 activities

Push your car to the next level! Going blazingly fast is a change of engine away!