Each project of the course contains multiple video tutorials and practical exercises. Sample one video tutorial from each project below.
Play Video Sign Up

Sign Up

15 activities

Help configure the Agency's Operating System for their new users.

Play Video Log In

Log In

14 activities

Better brush up on your networking skills.

Play Video DNA Construction

DNA Construction

12 activities

Build a new state of the art DNA constructor.

Play Video DNA Analysis

DNA Analysis

12 activities

Help agent Smith find the culprit's DNA in this gene pool.

Play Video Cleaning up the Mess

Cleaning up the Mess

11 activities

Help the Agency develop a brand new fingerprint cleaning algorithm.

Play Video Fingerprint Comparison

Fingerprint Comparison

11 activities

Build an application to find matching fingerprints.

Play Video Suspect Matching

Suspect Matching

13 activities

Who did the deed? Find the chain of events that leads to the culprit.

Play Video Guess the Culprit

Guess the Culprit

10 activities

Develop an app to find a culprit through the process of elimination.