Course Overview

Learn HTML and CSS by baking sweet treats in an epic competition!
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Do you have a sweet tooth? In this course, you will learn how to write semantic HTML markup to create mouth-watering cakes, under chef Roland's supervision. Design elaborate, pixel-perfect cakes by using CSS classes and following the recipe. Show off your skills in a frenetic, high-stake baking competition, by styling hundreds of delicious cookies with CSS selectors and properties. Bake without the mess, with HTML and CSS. No kitchen cleanup necessary!
This course contains over 107 activities.

Course Topics

  • How to write semantic markup
  • How to use HTML attributes
  • How to apply CSS classes to markup
  • How to style elements with CSS
  • How to select elements of markup


Each project of the course contains many video micro-lessons and practical exercises.
The Structure of a Cake

The Structure of a Cake

26 activities

Discover chef Roland's secret technique to create delicious cakes. Learn how to assemble and decorate award-winning cakes using the power of semantic HTML markup and CSS classes. Can you fulfill the increasingly demanding customers' orders?

A Matter of Style

A Matter of Style

27 activities

Decorating cakes is more to your taste? Unleash the power of CSS to create mouthwatering cakes of unspeakable beauty. Learn how to leverage CSS selectors to target different elements of the cakes and use CSS properties to decorate your masterpieces.

A Thousand Cookies

A Thousand Cookies

23 activities

Dig a bit deeper into CSS concepts by decorating trays upon trays of scrumptious cookies. Quickly and precisely style multiple cookies at once by using the correct CSS selectors. Decorating cookies has never been this easy!

Challenge 1: Decorating Desserts

Challenge 1: Decorating Desserts

31 activities

Think you have what it takes to win the fast-paced cookie decorating challenge? Master advanced CSS selectors to target specific batches of cookies and solve sweet, sweet puzzles that will whet your appetite. Time to show off your skills!