Each project of the course contains multiple video tutorials and practical exercises. Sample one video tutorial from each project below.
Play Video The Structure of a Cake

The Structure of a Cake

8 activities

Discover Roland's special techniques to create delicious cakes.

Play Video A Matter of Style

A Matter of Style

9 activities

Decorating cakes is more to your taste? Learn the secrets of a mouthwatering cake.

Play Video A Thousand Cookies

A Thousand Cookies

8 activities

Decorating batches of cookies is time consuming! Let Roland teach you how to make it much easier.

Play Video Challenge 1: Decorating Desserts

Challenge 1: Decorating Desserts

9 activities

Show off your skills in the cookie decorating challenge.

Play Video A Flexible Pantry

A Flexible Pantry

8 activities

An organized pantry is key to an organized kitchen. Explore classic pantry layouts with Roland.

Play Video Challenge 2: An Organized Pantry

Challenge 2: An Organized Pantry

9 activities

Think you have what it takes to win the pantry organization challenge?

Play Video Attracting New Customers

Attracting New Customers

8 activities

Learn how to design a stunning store display window.

Play Video Challenge 3: A Display of Skill

Challenge 3: A Display of Skill

9 activities

To win the display window challenge, you'll need to prove that you can effectively attract customers to your store!