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EduCode Academy is a Canadian-based Educational Technology company providing uniquely fun and effective self-directed Computer Science courses for children ages 10 to 18 years old around the world. Its courses and software bring revolutionary primary and secondary level learning, through the modern design of its course material that seamlessly blends rich storylines and interactive, high-quality educational games. A state-of-the-art AI code correction tool provides immediate feedback to the young learners, which forms a crucial part of the experiential learning process.

EduCode Academy is a turn-key solution for schools, designed to allow teachers to implement and begin teaching this valuable skill in their class immediately, even without a Computer Science background. Parents can also access these courses for home school or supplemental education opportunities, knowing they do not have to be Computer Science experts to provide help. The software and course design have all the help needed for the young learners built right into them.

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