Course Overview

Learn and apply modern Web technologies in a baking competition!
Play Video Advanced Web Development
Do you have an eye for design? In this follow up course to Intro to Web Development, you will recreate classic pantry layouts by learning how to organize baking ingredients with the help of some clever CSS flexbox techniques. As the baking competition heats up, you will need to learn and master CSS grid layouts to solve challenging puzzles and take home the trophy. Bring your bakery to the next level by creating dazzling storefront displays that are sure to attract customers!
This course contains over 102 activities.

Course Topics

  • How to create high-impact Web designs
  • How to style and align text
  • How to use CSS flexbox layouts
  • How to use CSS grid layouts
  • How to use absolute positioning


Each project of the course contains many video micro-lessons and practical exercises.
A Flexible Pantry

A Flexible Pantry

26 activities

An organized pantry is key to an organized kitchen. Unlock powerful CSS flexbox properties to make quick work of untidy pantries. Learn how to recreate classic pantry layouts by masterfully choosing the correct flexbox property values for jaw-dropping designs!

Challenge 2: An Organized Pantry

Challenge 2: An Organized Pantry

34 activities

Time for another nerve-wracking challenge! Impress the judges by organizing pantries with the CSS grid layout. Learn and apply CSS grid properties to create intricate layouts in a series of challenging skill tests.

Attracting New Customers

Attracting New Customers

20 activities

Learn how to design a stunning store display window for your bakery. Convince passersby to buy your treats by listing ingredients and prices in a visually-pleasing way. Prove that you are a master baker by cleverly combining markup and style rules to attract customers to your store!

Challenge 3: A Display of Skill

Challenge 3: A Display of Skill

22 activities

Can you win the display window challenge? Dazzle your prospective customers with colorful stickers and awe-inspiring displays. Learn how to use CSS absolute positioning and advanced styling techniques to take home the trophy!