Each project of the course contains multiple video tutorials and practical exercises. Sample one video tutorial from each project below.
Play Video Predicting a Flood

Predicting a Flood

9 activities

Overflow, a company that manages flood readiness, needs your help saving a town!

Play Video Treetionary


10 activities

Ever wondered what kind of tree you're looking at? You won't need to wonder anymore after building this app!

Play Video Helping the Teacher

Helping the Teacher

9 activities

Grading tests can take a long time! Can you build an app to make the process quicker?

Play Video That's a Strange Triangle

That's a Strange Triangle

10 activities

Math homeworks can be difficult. Why not let your computer do it for you!

Play Video 3… 2… 1… Liftoff!

3… 2… 1… Liftoff!

13 activities

Help the Hamstronauts of the Space Hamster Agency reach the Red Planet.

Play Video An Upgraded Robot

An Upgraded Robot

10 activities

The Space Hamster agency acquired a prototype of a new robot. You've be selected to take it for a ride!

Play Video An Odd Mix

An Odd Mix

9 activities

Discover all kinds of exiting recipes by mixing various elements together!

Play Video We Need More Minerals!

We Need More Minerals!

10 activities

The Hamstronauts need resources before landing on Mars! Can you help them mine an asteroid?

Play Video A Different Countdown

A Different Countdown

10 activities

After successfully landing on Mars, the Hamstronauts need help in getting rockets back to Earth for supplies.

Play Video Games in Space

Games in Space

10 activities

Enhance your physics puzzle with the new space-themed obstacles!

Play Video Comparing Two Loops

Comparing Two Loops

8 activities

Take on a series of challenges designed by the best engineers of the Space Hamster Agency.

Play Video A Game of Life

A Game of Life

8 activities

Study the growth of a new kind of bacteria!