EduCode™ is a web-based software that offers public and private institutions
a comprehensive, step-by step computer science course developed by
university educators. It enables any teacher or facilitator to deliver a computer
science education to their class with zero computer science knowledge.
The EduCode™ courses include lessons on a variety of real-world
programming languages and technologies like JavaScript, HTML and Python.
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Zero Training Required
EduCode™ requires zero computer science training to use. Intuitive and user-friendly interface makes getting ready for class easy. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn computer science alongside their students, and guide their student’s progress through their own accounts.
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Immersive & Microlearning Course
810+ animated videos, real-world projects and gamified bite-sized exercises let youth of all learning styles to explore, learn and interact with the world of computer science. This brings CS to life in an engaging way and enables students to relate their education to the world around them.
  • Animated videos to explain concepts
  • Written instructions for assignments (exercises)
  • An input window for coding to complete assignments
  • An output window to display the results of coding
  • Debug console lets students explore every stage of their code
  • Tips to help students resolve common problems
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EduCode™ Support
EduCode™ comes with an innovative support system to ensure an enjoyable and effective learning experience:
  • Intelligent code validation tool analyzes numerous possible coding solutions and encourages creative problem-solving
  • Live support from EduCode™ Academy CS teachers provides educational and technical help during class
  • Detailed course and lesson plan helps teachers identify expected learning outcomes
  • Answer keys contain solutions to exercises and in-depth explanations for each to facilitate understanding
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University-level Coding For Grades 4+
Developed by university educators, EduCode™’s uniquely gamified course blends play with study to allow learners as young as Grade 4 to learn what’s usually taught in university computer science courses. If students continue to progress with EduCode™ throughout school, they could potentially graduate high school with the equivalent of today’s Bachelor of Computer Science.
How Do I Get Started?
brain chipWe Provide:
  • Software
  • Lessons
  • Support
computerYou Provide
  • Space
  • Equipment
  • Facilitation
Upon approval, you will receive the login information to your account.
Equipment requirements are simple:
  • A computer with a mouse/trackpad and a keyboard
  • A sound output connection
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Google Chrome browser
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