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What can EduCode™ do for my library and community?
In the 21st century, STEM education and digital skills are as important as literacy
and math skills. Unfortunately, these aren’t readily accessible to just anyone.
As a center for equitable access to information and learning, you have the power to change this. We want to help you expand access to tech
knowledge and skills to every demographic sector in the communities you serve, easily and effectively, without any additional staff or training.
EduCode™ allows you to create an immersive environment where your patrons can dive headfirst into university-level computer science,
even those as young as 10. As they follow along self-directed, practical tech projects and cinematic animated tutorials, they will learn industry-
standard coding languages and crucial career skills such as computational thinking, digital literacy, critical-thinking and problem solving.
All you have to do is provide them with the space and time. Use EduCode™ to start code
clubs, MakerSpaces, workshops or even as part of your library regular programming.
Potential ImpactIf students as young as Grade 4 begin learning computer science through EduCode™, they will possess the equivalent of a Bachelor
of Computer Science degree by the time they graduate high school. Even with a little computer science knowledge, it could:
suitcaseEnable youth to gain well-
paying, fulfilling summer jobs.
tv rocketStart careers right after graduation,
without going to university.
double four point starsElevate living standards
of disadvantaged youth.
light bulbInspire youth to use tech
skills for entrepreneurship.
What's Included in EduCode™ Content?EduCode™ is a web-based software that spurs learning through a self-directed
microlearning computer science curriculum developed by university educators.
plugAndPlay810+ cinematic tutorial videos
with captivating storylines
that educate & entertain.
ribbonEquivalent to what’s taught
in a Bachelor of Computer
Science, tailored for ages 10+.
controllerGamified real-world projects allow
learners to interact with the story
and characters through code.
voiceBubbleLearners and facilitators get
instant feedback and real-time
technical and academic support.
What Makes EduCode™ Different?Blockly coding and text-based coding are the two most common methods used today. Most programs are
restricted to either one of them. EduCode™ blends the best of both worlds, without any of their limitations.
Blockly Coding
Text-based Coding
Self-directed Microlearning
code window
Easy drag & drop coding
Learn to write real code
Learn to write real code
Interactive & gamified
Not interactive or gamified
Interactive & gamified
Lacks answer flexibility
Answer flexibility
Answer flexibility
No real coding
Can be overwhelming
Digestible lessons
Staff training needed
Staff training needed
No staff training
The Self-Directed Gamified STEM Learning ExperienceMicrolearning, cinematic story-based videos and immersive projects distills and contextualizes university-level computer science for
children as young as 10 on a large-scale. This way, students will not only learn WHAT information is being taught, but also WHY it is relevant.
How Do I Get Started?
brain chipWe Provide:
  • Software
  • Lessons
  • Support
computerYou Provide
  • Space
  • Equipment
  • Facilitation
After completing the registration, you will be able to login to your EduCode™ Software account.
Equipment requirements are simple:
  • A computer with a mouse/trackpad and a keyboard
  • A sound output connection
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Google Chrome browser
Join the Mission
Empowering the next generation of innovators has never been so easy. Sign up for a free account to get the ball rolling!
Grants for Your LibraryRegistration Open
Everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to code. That's why we're offering grants to help remove the barriers
to accessing and providing a comprehensive tech education to youth. No library or community should be left behind!
The EduCode™ Grant for Libraries covers 1 month of free access to a variety of beginner and advanced self-
directed courses on the EduCode™ software for your staff and patrons. See a full list of EduCode™ courses here.
If you feel that EduCode™ is just the tool you're looking for, you may choose to purchase an annual subscription that
lets your staff and patrons continue accessing every course and real-time suppport on EduCode™ for an entire year
(including upcoming courses)! To get a customized quote for your library, see here. Group discounts available!
Need more financial assistance? Find other grants in your state.
It's time to take the first step. You can change lives today:
September30Register by September 30, 2019.
Frequently Asked Questions
You choose when it’s convenient for you and your patrons start and stop. Spread your sessions out over 10 weeks or pack them into an intensive week or two of coding. It’s up to you.
No. EduCode™ is designed for users with zero computer science knowledge or experience.
EduCode™ is learn as you go. Based on modern pedagogies that prove how “deep learning” is achieved when students and teachers learn together, EduCode™ helps demonstrate that learning is a life-long process.
Getting started is as easy as logging in, pressing “play”, following along, and going at your own pace.
Teachers will have both a “student” and “teacher” log-in to learn along with students. We recommend that teachers stay one step ahead of the students and familiarize themselves with the content by simply completing the online course in advance of the class.
EduCode™ provides:
  • A Quick Start Guide – A step-by-step guide to help you set up EduCode™ for your class.
  • Email Support – Contact us at our dedicated support email for general and technical help.
  • Solutions Tab – When accessing the courses in Teacher mode, you can view the complete answer for each exercise to help your students.
  • Live Help - EduCode™ offers a Live Help chat feature supported by a remote team of computer science educators. Teachers can get immediate help themselves or enable the chat feature on any student’s device with a click of the mouse. A remote computer science educator can view a student’s screen and provide interactive feedback and guidance as needed.
Yes. The EduCode™ team is interested in learning how this program works in all types of computing environments.
Grade 4 to Grade 10.
The EduCode™ Introduction to Programming course was originally designed for middle school students, however, we have found students as young as fourth grade are enjoying the lessons.
The Introduction to Programming course covers JavaScript. Should you wish to proceed further, you can choose to enroll in our advanced and specialized courses that cover a variety of languages and technologies such as HTML, CSS, Python for Data Science, Java Programming, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. For more information, our courses page.
Completion time depends on how often EduCode™ is used and the age of users, however it’s designed to accommodate the user’s learning pace and the needs of different lesson plans and learning programs. EduCode™ is internet-based and available 24/7 from any device.
No, never.
Information collected during the pilot will be used by the design team to create changes to the system.
No names will be shared. During the grant period, EduCode™ Academy will collect usage information and your comments and observations, but no personal information will be tied to the feedback without your specific approval.
All personal information stored in the EduCode™ software database is encrypted and cannot be read.
Yes! Please mention us in your post with:
Just let us know by sending us a message on our 'Contact Us' page.
You will have access to student and class usage data and progress reports.
We do not retain or track any personal information for purposes other than the creation of accounts and payment transactions. If you are the primary contact for subscriptions, pilot or grant programs, you may receive communications from us occasionally on program announcements (such as bug fixes and software updates) and newsletters. You may choose to unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. All information is encrypted and cannot be read.
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