2.0.20 - Dec 13 2019
  • Plans - Individual Tab - Separated monthly and yearly back into their own boxes.
2.0.19 - Dec 12 2019
  • Plans - Individual Tab - If ip geo location is detected as India, prices are displayed as INR
  • Stats - added ability to override detected ip
2.0.17 - Dec 2 2019
  • Plans - Individual Tab - Merged Yearly and Monthly into single box
2.0.16 - Dec 2 2019
  • Home Page - Step Stones - Course images and titles updated. Game Development course description updated.
  • Home Page - Methodology - Moved videos to the left, increased video sizes, increase title size
  • Home Page - Testimonials - Moved text #4 and #5 to position 1 and 2.
  • For Parents/For Educators - Changed video and adjusted video width and height for different screen sizes to prevent letterboxing.
2.0.15 - Nov 28 2019
  • Back-end - remove login key system in favor of plain jwt validation (for login via email for team resources).
  • Back-end - removed all api's involved with processing payments or interacting with stripe.
  • Back-end - removed all api's involved with communicating with platform back-end server.
  • Back-end - moved all common js files in utils folder to npm modules. (this is a project code clean up thing)
  • Back-end - removed schema's for payment records and user tracking.
  • Front-End - Remove Take a Payment and Pin system
  • Front-End - Removed payment form in plan pages, now redirects to platform
  • Front-End - Removed request a quote form page, now redirects to platform
  • Front-End - Removed all routes that lead to any type of payment form.
  • Front-End - Removed everything to do with Stripe
  • Front-End - Disabled third party library when running on localhost
2.0.14 - Nov 25 2019
  • Added recording the subscription to when ever a user account is created by the website by a purchase.
2.0.13 - Nov 21 2019
  • Removed blog link from main menu
  • Removed summer camp link from footer
  • Added hour of code link in the footer
2.0.12- Nov 20 2019
  • Fixed the payment pin system as well as the subscription purchase system to use stand alone user accounts.
2.0.8 - Oct 17 2019
  • Changed home page view courses button back to a sign up free and set to google ad webhook
2.0.7 - Oct 17 2019
  • Added balanceText updateWatched call on componentDidMount for all page components. (sometimes, the text wasn't getting balanced on load - now it should)
  • Added google ad conversion hook for the view courses button on home page.
  • Added view plans and sign up buttons to courses page
  • Added google ad conversion hook for courses view plans button and sign up buttons
  • Added google ad conversion hook for main menu sign up button
  • Added google ad conversion hooks for all price boxes in the pricing plan component
2.0.6 - Oct 16 2019
  • Changed home page get started button to view courses and link to the courses page same as the main menu.
2.0.5 - Oct 01 2019
  • Updated payment page so that when a payment is processed, accounts that already exist will be upgraded.
  • Same for pin page
  • When filling out the payment form, on step 3 - the step asking to automatically create an account - it doesn't matter if you select student or teacher, if the email already exist, the account will not be created, but simply upgraded. The type doesn't matter. But if you select "none" - the account will NOT be upgraded.
  • Updated platformSignUp api in back-end server to upgrade or create user accounts or throw an error to stop processing if the email is already in use, depending on the source calling the api
  • Payments done via the plans page should not be affected and should still fail if the email is already in use.
2.0.4 - Sept 26 2019
  • Main Menu - Re-added for parents and for educators, removed contact us
  • Home page - welcome line 3 removed, button text updated.
  • Home page - full courses component removed - replaced with courses preview summary
  • Home page - courses section title renamed
  • Global - Remove a ton of balance-text classes to speed up loading and redraw time. (balance-text is what does the "smart" wrapping of paragraphs - ask me if you need more information)
  • Global - Added a "check previous size and if same don't bother updating" to the balance-text class to help speed up render time
  • For Parents/For Educators - Updated welcome section description text.
  • For Parents/For Educators - Removed icon row in welcome section
  • For Parents/For Educators - Removed sign up and contact us buttons from welcome section
  • For Parents/For Educators - Updated welcome section video
  • For Parents/For Educators - My kids section - replaced unordered list with rounded rects and replaced image with video. Section is responsive for wide and narrow screens
  • For Parents/For Educators - Replaced full courses component with course preview cards
  • For Parents/For Educators - Added pricing boxes without features
  • For Parents/For Educators - Removed "what included" sections
  • For Parents/For Educators - Section above testimonials renamed and sign up button link set to platform
  • Plans - Moved the plan boxes and features list to their own reusable component
  • Home page/For Parents/For Educators - Testimonials - line height increased slightly
  • September 27 2019:
  • Re-adding /pricing route and redirected it to /plans/individual
  • Plans - swapped positions of classroom and enterprise boxes
  • For Parents/For Educators - added buttons beneath the course preview and plan boxes
  • Home page - replaced welcome section description and adjusted margins
  • Courses component - project view - renamed change request quote button to say with View Plans
  • For Parents/For Educators - Remove "Is Educode Right for my kids" section
  • For Educators - What can educode do for my students 6 points text and icons changed. increased height to compensate for new text
2.0.3 - Sept 24 2019
  • Home page - Updated line 3 in welcome section of home page
  • Main Menu - Removed for parents and for educators and re-added contact us
  • Courses/Home page - Update courses component (both courses and projects) to wrap tab buttons and look better on narrow screens
  • Plans - Renamed pricing route and pricing component and css to plans
  • Plans - Renamed pricing_banner.png image to plans_banner.png
  • Plans - Removed "free" plan box on pricing page
  • Plans - Add "individual" and "enterprise" tabs to pricing page
  • Plans - Changed plan boxes for individual tabs to "free", "yearly" and "monthly"
  • Plans - Changed plan boxes for enterprise tab to "free", "enterprise" and "classroom"
  • Plans - Updated visual layout to fit the screen better on both large and narrow screens - Note: This is pending approval and is subject to change
  • Plans - Removed teacher option from individual free plan box. Both buttons now link directly to platform sign up page.
  • Plans - Linked select button for yearly and monthly to subscription form (small)
  • Plans - For enterprise and classroom plan boxes, reducer "custom plan" text and linked them directly to quotes page.
  • Plans - Enterprise and classroom plan boxes select button directly link to subscription page (large form) and now subscribe to new stripe plans
  • Plans - Updated pricing amounts for enterprise and classroom plan boxes
  • Global - Remove all "trial" routes
  • Subscription/individual - Renamed "individual subscription" component and routes to just "subscription" - This is also known as the "small" form.
  • Subscription/individual - removed company name from subscription form
  • Subscription/individual - removed phone number from subscription form
  • Subscription/individual - added password and confirm password to subscription form
  • Subscription/individual - Set text input labels to start in shrink mode
  • Subscription/individual - changed all references to "customer name" to just "name" or "your name" throughout all pages and api's
  • Subscription/individual - Renamed subscription form box title to "Purchase Student Subscription"
  • Subscription/individual - Update subscription pricing for yearly and monthly to match plans page
  • Subscription/individual - Removed ability to switch between monthly and yearly in the same page
  • Subscription/individual - Added route for monthly subscription
  • Subscription/individual - Added route for yearly subscription
  • Subscription/individual - Added link on monthly subscription page to the yearly subscription
  • Subscription/individual - Added "does email exist" check to the start of the purchase subscription process. Process will abort with error if the email is already in use.
  • Subscription/individual - upon successfully completing the purchase, the text of the finish screen should contain a link to the platform and scroll to the top of the page
  • Subscription/individual - upon successfully completing the purchase, the platform login page should be opened in a new tab - **NOTE** - Due to a technical problem, this rarely works. Will revisit later
  • Subscription/enterprise - Updated prices to match plans
  • Subscription/classroom - Updated prices to match plans
  • Subscriptions & quotes - all - Created new Google Ad Conversions and linked accordingly
  • Added /quote/library route (linked to from "For Libraries" page)
  • Added /quote/camp routed (linked to from "Summer Camps" page)
  • quotes/all - Placed in similar layout as subscription.
  • quotes/all - removed company name
  • quotes/all - institution name changes to library and summer camp for respective quotes
  • Global - removed all references to "free 15 day trial" and replace with with "sign up for free" or "sign up for a free account"
  • Global - Changed all text field input colors to charcoal. Labels and placeholders unchanged.
  • Back-end - removed creating platform account for trial mode for x amount of days
  • Back-end - added checkPlatformUsername api
  • Back-end - added requestQuote api
  • Global - Hidden the ability to turn off test mode for stripe on payment forms for non-https servers. (since you can't)
  • What Makes EduCode™ Academy Different? - Rebuilt layout - made it more responsive for narrow screens and improved item alignment
2.0.2 - Sept 19 2019
  • Removed old courses page
  • Added new courses routes: /courses/[filterBy]/[tab]/[courseId]
         filterBy = "ages" or "grades"
         tab = "kto3", "elementary", "middle", or "high"
         courseId = OPTIONAL - when omitted, the course list for the tab is displayed. When the course id is used in the route, it loads that course and displays the project list.
  • Note: In the project list - projects with videos do not load the videos yet.
  • Note: In the courses list - I am not happy with the look of the "tab bar" - I am open to suggestions on how to make it look better.
  • Note: The courses link in the main menu and footer are currently hardcoded to "/courses/ages/ages13to15" until I get the new menu changes.
  • Added code to tell the courses to get it's course graphics and text resources from the platform front-end server that is specified by the platform value in stats. This means, if you want to display the course resources that are on the QA server only, you need to set the platform target to QA or when you load the courses section, none of the graphics or videos will be displayed.
  • The json file that contains all the content for the courses page (graphics,text,links,video's, etc) are not complete. This is not a problem with the page as it's 100% controlled by Eric and the content team. Missing graphics, videos, and text should be reported to him.
2.0.2 - Sept 17 2019
  • Update styles in the email templates
  • Added new blog entry 'Teaching Students to Code Without Any Coding Experience'
2.0.1 - Sept 11 2019
  • Added the change log team resources and routes
  • Added update event to all pages did mount event to tell the main menu header bar to adjust it's position based on the page length (ie: adjust for scroll bar visible or not)
  • Added fixed height to initial loading page wait component to fix lack of min-height on safari
  • Fixed react-modal-video bug
  • Update DPromise to not produce the untrapped in promise error when certain components unmount, usually while navigating or saving
  • Removed custom thin scroll bar and restored the browser native scroll bar and added library to do scroll management when refreshing and navigation
  • Added a max height of 350px to all select menus
  • Updated registration form (1 month trial sign up and quotes) to use a select dropdown for the subdivision instead of a straight text field to fix the invalid subdivision code error
  • Changed all functions that create trial accounts or subscriptions to use single processing api
  • Changed pricing page individual trial to 15 days instead of 2 weeks
  • Changed pricing page classroom and enterprise 1 month to use registration form that will create a trial teacher account
  • Changed pricing page classroom and enterprise contact sales to use registration form that will generate a quote
  • Added shortcut icon in main menu header for team resources when logged in as an EduCode user
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